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ABS plastic recycling process

Update time:2020-07-22

  ABS has the characteristics of recycling. Do you know about the recycling process of ABS plastics? Let's talk about it today

  1, dismantling recycled materials, ABS and PS together to be disassembled (floating PP, organic, PC, PVC adhesions on the top can not be disassembled, sponge, foam plastic on the top can not be removed), will tear the larger film, larger metal removal (small screws can be small pieces of metal do not need to be demolished) - - mixed into the impurities in the brine after the water can be removed clean.

  2. The methods of separating ABS (as) and PS (as and ABS can be mixed together) methods: (1) most factories use burning or cutting tongs to judge that ABS, as and PS are (need rich experience, and will not be clean); (2) use liquid medicine to pick out PS, the rest is ABS and as can be mixed together. (no special experience and training required)?

  Each kind of material also needs to be divided into electroplating, painting and flame retardant. According to the need can also be divided into different colors, less, usually white, variegated.?

  ABS material with fiber should be considered as a separate category?

  3. Crush.

  4. There are impurities (e.g. PVC, PC, PA, PET) precipitated in the brine (density 1.08)

  5. From the salt water to remove water, floating up is impurities.

  6. Dry and pack.

  7. Granulation. (you can also sell comminuted materials directly instead of granulating them yourself)