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  • Glass fiber reinforced PP

Glass fiber reinforced PP

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product details

      Henan Pingyuan new material science and Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed the special plastic a20535hg for gold standard card board and gold standard card shell, with stable static adsorption capacity and good radium carving processing effect. The advanced computer color matching system is adopted to ensure the small color difference of the color batch, and the dyeing has the characteristics of bright color, stable color and good dispersion of color powder. Dyeing and granulation is completed at one time, which simplifies the production process of plastic products for customers, facilitates processing, improves the yield of products, saves costs for customers, and is deeply trusted by customers.

  Henan Pingyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. gold standard card plate, gold standard case special plastic a20535hg is suitable for making gold standard card plate, gold standard card case and reagent packaging material for in vitro diagnosis. It is used as coronoid virus nucleic acid kit, HIV / AIDS test, pregnancy test and other supporting materials, which is deeply trusted and loved by customers, For details, please call + 86-18937066390 (wechat's same number) or consult online.