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Flame retardant ABS

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product details

     Advanced computer color matching system is adopted for dyeing ABS material to ensure small color difference of color batch, bright color, stable color and good dispersion of color powder. Dyeing and granulation is completed at one time, which simplifies the production process of plastic products for customers, facilitates processing, improves the yield of products, saves costs for customers, and is deeply trusted by customers. The dyed ABS material can be modified according to the requirements of customers, making pearlescent, plush, metallic color, light diffusion, antibacterial, extinction, anti aging, special optical properties, antistatic, anti-aging and other functions.

     Dyeing ABS materials can be divided into flame retardant ABS dyeing, heat resistant ABS dyeing, extrusion grade ABS dyeing, electroplating grade ABS dyeing and high flow grade ABS dyeing. We can provide customized service according to customer requirements to meet different needs of customers. Dyeing ABS material is suitable for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, coextrusion and other processing technology. Dyeing and processing ABS materials meet the requirements of RoHS, reach and other EU requirements on hazardous substances, and are widely used in household appliances, automobiles, electronics and other fields.