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  At present, common ABS engineering plastics, magnesium aluminum alloy materials, titanium alloy materials, carbon fiber composite materials, polycarbonate PC and so on are the most common. In addition, environmental protection materials such as leather, piano baking paint, wood / bamboo materials, etc., which are popular only in recent years, are briefly introduced as follows:
  ABS engineering plastics: namely PC + ABS (engineering plastic alloy), the Chinese name in the chemical industry is plastic alloy, which is the most widely used main material for notebook at present. Due to its low cost, it is especially favored by low-end notebook.
  ABS is synthesized from acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Each monomer has different characteristics: acrylonitrile has high strength, thermal stability and chemical stability; butadiene has toughness and impact resistance; styrene has easy processing, high finish and high strength.
  It is named PC + ABS because of its excellent heat and weather resistance, dimensional stability and impact resistance as well as the excellent processing fluidity of ABS resin. Therefore, when applied to thin-walled and complex shaped products, it can maintain its excellent performance and maintain the formability of plastics and an ester material. The biggest disadvantage of ABS engineering plastics is its heavy weight and poor thermal conductivity. Generally speaking, ABS engineering plastic is used by most notebook computer manufacturers due to its low cost. At present, most notebook computers with plastic shell are made of ABS engineering plastics.