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  In addition to considering the appearance of toys, parents will also seriously consider the material of toys, because whether the materials are used well or not is related to children's health. If the material used in toys is very poor, it will seriously affect the health of children. So, what material is good for children's plastic toys?
  What material is good for children's plastic toys
  1. ABS
  ABS is the main material for building blocks. The three letters represent "acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene". The main reason of ABS for building blocks is its good dimensional stability. The basic particles can keep the same size. At the same time, ABS has high hardness and toughness, and will not become brittle even at low temperature (low temperature resistance - 40 °). Then, it is resistant to fall and wear.
  2. TPE
  TPE is a thermoplastic soft compound, easy to process. It can be directly molded by conventional injection molding machine. Its hardness can have good color matching performance. The material supports fuel injection, silk screen printing and printing processing. It has four advantages: 1. Excellent color matching performance. Most of the plastic toy products have bright and diverse colors, which have higher requirements for the color matching of TPE materials. 2. Good performance of oil spray painting screen printing. Most of the toys are spray painted. 3. Cracking resistance of soft toys. For some soft toys with soft hardness, proper TPE material should be selected to prevent cracking after processing. In addition, through the optimization of molding process, the cracking caused by stress shrinkage is reduced. 4. Environmental performance. Most of TPE materials meet the RoHS and EN71-3 test standards, but the test standards for toy products in different countries or regions are different.
  In toys, PP material is mainly used in small pieces of toys such as gutta percha and ringing bells. On the one hand, it can be imported; on the other hand, it can be boiled and disinfected with high temperature water