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Development status of ABS plastics

Update time:2020-07-09

       Yuyao ABS plastic is a kind of widely used plastic particles with bright color and stability. Today we will discuss the development status of ABS plastics


       In some traditional application fields, ABS resin is facing more and more competition, and the market share has begun to decrease. According to the market demand and around the existing production equipment, China must vigorously develop the development of special ABS resin varieties, such as impact resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, high flow, electroplating, flame retardant, high gloss, antistatic, laser marking, anti electromagnetic shielding, anti vibration damping, gas barrier and other special materials for ice box, helmet, plate and automobile instrument panel skin.

  In the past 30 years of China's reform and opening up, ABS plastic printing industry has benefited from the rapid growth of national economy and achieved rapid development. At the end of last century, it completed the second revolution of printing technology, eliminated the lead and lead printing process, realized the Phototypesetting and offset printing of publications, and the majority of employees were completely away from the working environment of lead pollution.

  In foreign countries, ABS resin products are developing in the direction of high performance, functionalization and multi variety. Various special materials have been serialized to meet the needs of different levels and users. However, most ABS manufacturers in China can only produce general-purpose products. However, the quality level of modified ABS in China is still low.

  The most commonly used plastics in automobiles are polypropylene (PP), ABS resin, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE). Obviously, polyolefin materials constitute the main plastic parts of automobile, and this trend will be more and more obvious in the future.

  In recent years, the amount of ABS resin used in automobiles has not increased greatly. This is mainly due to the fierce competition between ABS resin and PP resin, and ABS itself has some defects such as poor weatherability, discoloration and flammability. Therefore, its application in automotive main components such as dashboard and grille is also limited.

  With the development of automobile industry, energy conservation and environmental protection have become two major topics of automobile industry. ABS has been playing an important role in the production of automobile parts. Although PP has come from behind in the production of auto parts, the aristocratic status of ABS in the high-end car parts can not be shaken and completely replaced by PP.

  As a cheap general engineering plastics, ABS plastics have good comprehensive properties and processing properties, and are widely used in household appliances, automobiles, textile accessories, packaging containers, furniture and so on. At present, most of ABS are imported, especially the special purpose ABS such as heat-resistant grade, flame retardant grade and special materials (such as refrigerator plate), and most of them are imported from abroad.

  In our country, 93% of waste plastics are buried, 2% burned and only 5% recovered. With the rapid development of China's national economy, the problem of resource shortage and environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent, and the recycling situation of waste plastics is grim. Especially for the large supply of ABS particles, recycling has always been an eternal topic.