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Application fields of ABS plastic particles

Update time:2020-07-17

  ABS resin has good mechanical properties and processing properties, and its biggest application fields are automobiles, electronic appliances and building materials. In addition, it is widely used in packaging, furniture, sports and entertainment works, machinery and instrumentation industry.

  The main body of ABS plastic is a blend or ternary blend of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. It is a tough and rigid thermoplastic. Styrene gives ABS good molding, luster and rigidity; acrylonitrile makes ABS have good heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and surface hardness. Butadiene gives ABS good impact strength and low temperature resilience. When the proportion of the three components is different, its performance will also change.

  automobile industry

  The application of automobile field includes many parts, such as automobile instrument panel, automobile outer panel, steering wheel, sound insulation board, door lock, bumper, ventilation pipe, etc. In 2000, the amount of ABS for automobiles in China reached 35000 tons. Usually, the dashboard of ABS is made of PC / ABS, and the surface is covered with PVC / ABS / bovc film. In addition, ABS is widely used in interior decoration, and the average weight of ABS for each small car is about 11kg.

  Office machines

  Due to the high gloss and easy molding of ABS, office equipment and machines need to have a beautiful appearance and good feel, such as telephone shell, memory shell and computer, fax machine, copier are widely used parts made of ABS.

  Household Electric Appliances

  ABS plastics are widely used in household appliances and small household appliances, such as washing machines, TV sets, refrigerators and air conditioners. ABS pipes, ABS sanitary wares and ABS decorative panels are widely used in building materials industry. ABS is widely used in small household appliances such as speakers and VCDs. Many ABS parts are used in vacuum cleaners and kitchenware ABS parts are used.

  Painting process

  Nowadays, plastic products are widely used in industrial products. Plastics are light in weight, superior in corrosion resistance, poor in heat transfer and conductivity, and easy to be pressed into devices with complex shapes. It can replace some non-ferrous metals and light metals in product structure. In order to eliminate the pressing imprint and uneven color of plastic surface, it is often necessary to coat the plastic surface. Coating can improve the appearance and oil can prolong the service life of plastics.