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Three grades of recycled plastic particles

Update time:2020-07-09
      Plastic recycled particles are made from waste plastics. It is generally divided into three levels. Let's have a look:

Recycled plastic particles are mainly classified into grade I, II and III according to the different materials used and the characteristics of the processed plastic particles.

Plastic recycled granule manufacturer's first grade material

It refers to the leftover materials that have not fallen to the ground, or called bottom corner materials. Some of them are nozzle materials and rubber head materials. The quality is also relatively good, that is, the small corners left in the process of processing new materials, or the materials with poor quality. The particles processed with these raw materials have better transparency and their quality can be compared with new materials, so they are grade I materials or super grade materials.

Secondary material

It refers to the material has been used once, but high-pressure granulation is excluded. In high-pressure granulation, imported large parts are mostly used. If the imported large parts are industrial films, they have not been exposed to the wind and sun, so their quality is also very good, and the transparency of the processed particles is good. At this time, it should also be judged according to the brightness of the particles and whether the surface is rough.

Third grade material

It refers to the particles that have been used twice or repeatedly, and the elasticity, toughness and other aspects of the processed particles are not very good.