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What are the main grades of ABS plastics

Update time:2020-07-09
       ABS plastics have many excellent properties, and there are many kinds of ABS plastics. What are the main grades of ABS plastics?

1. Low odor ABS

Low odor ABS is mainly used in automotive interior materials with low VOC performance to improve the interior air quality. Low odor ABS material is mainly used to produce interior parts such as door panel, instrument panel trim frame, glove box, central control instrument panel, air conditioner outlet and other interior parts, especially air outlet, which needs to withstand higher temperature and conduct air.

2. Heat resistant ABS

For some parts that need to be subjected to higher temperature, the heat resistance of ABS needs to be improved. A common method to improve the heat resistance of ABS is to blend ABS and PC into ABS / PC alloy. Heat resistant ABS is usually used to manufacture heat-resistant components such as air outlet, heat dissipation grille and so on. For the heat dissipation grid, improve the heat resistance, can prevent parts deformation, thus preventing the plating layer from falling off due to deformation. It is also made of ABS or ASA. Due to the large area and impact resistance of door panel, PC / ABS alloy is also used. The mudguards of high-grade cars are also made of ABS / PC alloy.

3. Dull ABS

The strong light reflection in the driver's cab will cause discomfort and fatigue, and affect the driver's vision at night. Therefore, the matt ABS has been widely used in the cab components. Because ABS is a kind of engineering plastics with high finish, we choose the resin grade with low relative finish and wide molecular weight distribution. The filler with flake or needle shape and large particle size is selected. In this way, the surface roughness of the products can be improved, so that the light scattering and extinction effect can be achieved.

4. Glass fiber reinforced ABS

ABS plastics can be made of glass fiber reinforced or mineral filled ABS materials. The glass fiber reinforced method is widely used, and the content of glass fiber is 20% - 40%. The tensile strength, bending strength and bending elastic modulus of glass fiber reinforced ABS are greatly improved. At the same time, the thermal deformation temperature is significantly increased, the linear expansion coefficient is significantly reduced, and the product size is stable The impact strength of glass fiber reinforced ABS generally decreases with the increase of glass fiber content.

5. PC / ABS alloy

PC / ABS alloy combines the advantages of the two, which makes PC / ABS materials have good mechanical strength, toughness and flame retardancy. Among PC / ABS ALLOYS, PC contributes to heat resistance, toughness, impact strength, strength, flame retardancy and ABS. The advantages of PC / ABS alloy are good processability, apparent quality and low density. PC / ABS alloy is widely used in high-end consumer electronics (mobile phones, laptops, headphones, etc.) and automobiles Industrial, television, office automation equipment shell and telephone, etc.