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Classification method of ABS

Update time:2020-07-20

  ABS plastic is an indispensable product in our daily life, which has the characteristics of recycling. Let's take a look at how ABS plastics are classified?

   For ABS plastic particles, in the end, how to properly classify these particles? Now we will synthesize these aspects. After a good understanding, you can choose your own products among many different products.

  There are many different ways to classify ABS plastic particles. If we are based on the impact strength of products, such as ultra-high, high and medium impact resistance, these different categories, we have to choose the products that are completely suitable for our own through various aspects. Different impact resistance is suitable for different places, through this aspect, we can make a better choice.

  You should also know that the classification of ABS plastic particles is not only based on the impact strength, but also through the processing technology, use and characteristics of these different aspects. The more detailed the classification is, the more convenient it will be for us to choose in the future. Therefore, we should have enough understanding of this point, so that we can choose the products suitable for our own use among the numerous categories, especially for some people who do not know how to choose, according to this method, we can choose better.