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How to improve the quality of ABS

Update time:2020-07-21
  With the rapid development of China's economy, all walks of life have a rapid development, so that each industry has seen a thriving side. This is not only because the state has laid a good foundation for the development of all walks of life, such as the support of relevant policies, but also because science and technology have been greatly improved, integrated into each industry, stimulating the rapid development of various industries. For example, the heat-resistant ABS plastic industry, has a broad development prospects, but also promoted the automobile manufacturing and textile and other industries have a better development.

  Due to the excellent heat resistance of heat-resistant ABS, the molecular structure contains high-performance benzene ring and phenyl group, which greatly improves the heat resistance of the material itself. At the same time, it also increases the steric hindrance effect of molecular chain. However, when the relaxation speed of molecular chain is lower and lower, it is easy to make the heat-resistant ABS plastic products have relatively large internal stress, resulting in the product cracking or product embrittlement by external force.

  Therefore, with the improvement of the production technology of heat-resistant ABS plastics, manufacturers will also focus on improving the hardness of heat-resistant ABS plastics, which will not lead to poor product quality due to uneven stress. Therefore, in view of the internal stress problem of heat-resistant ABS plastics, manufacturers should pay special attention to the uniform wall thickness in the production of products, and it is better to control the difference within 25%, so as to prevent the unqualified product quality caused by excessive wall thickness difference.

  In addition, at the root of the column with insufficient strength, some reinforcing bars should be added to avoid column fracture. Of course, the design of other parts should be reasonable and scientific, so as to improve the quality of products.