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product details
  The automobile shell mirror has been exposed to the wind, sun and rain for a long time. Besides the weather resistance and ultraviolet resistance, the shell materials also need high strength and toughness. The commonly used materials are ABS, TPE, ASA, PA, etc.
  Most of them are ASA, AES, or ASA / PC, which require weather resistance, ultraviolet resistance, high impact resistance and cold resistance When the automobile rearview mirror shell is exposed to the sunlight for a long time, the raw materials used must have the function of anti UV, and the luster and appearance of the products will not be affected by the sunlight. ASA, AES and ASA / PC have such functions. ASA recommends BASF ASA 778t, AES recommends Jinhu AES hw600g, ASA / PC infers BASF kr2864c and other materials.