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Plastic steering wheel

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product details
  Steering wheel surface materials are synthetic plastic, leather, leather, wood and aluminum alloy. They all have their own characteristics. The popularity of synthetic plastics is far greater than that of other materials. Now let's learn about it.
  Synthetic plastics: used by most economical cars because of the low cost of materials. The handle and aesthetics of the steering wheel made of synthetic plastics are not very ideal, especially when the hands are sweaty in summer. However, the steering wheel handle cover can be added, which not only increases the practicability, but also makes it more beautiful.
  Leather: feel and appearance similar to leather, material cost is low. The surface feel of the steering wheel is good and the friction coefficient is suitable for general driving. However, there is a big gap between the life of this kind of material and that of dermis.
  Leather: leather steering wheel is used by most middle and high gear cars now. It reflects environmental protection, moderate friction coefficient, beautiful appearance and moderate price, which makes automobile manufacturers use it frequently, and consumers are satisfied with this kind of material.