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Know about Yuyao ABS plastics

Update time:2020-07-09
  ABS recycled materials have more impact force and mechanical strength. It has mechanical processing function. Can use plastic molding equipment for a series of processing, let's learn about Yuyao ABS plastic

  1. ABS is more about computer case, TV case, exterior shell, car panel and decoration information. Separate the materials, especially electroplating and painting colors.

  2. Chemical treatment, stripping of plating and paint, but it is necessary to be steady. Since the chemical solution has a certain proportion, protective articles and containers should be used, otherwise it will cause injury and other things.

  3. Wash the tank, then dry it in the sun, color matching or put auxiliary materials. The intention is to improve the quality.


  4. The special extruder is used to granulate, but the filter screen must be put on, but the filter screen should be placed according to the product requirements.

  5. There are cold water pelleting and air-cooled pelleting. The specification of ABS recycled material pelletizing is about 3x4mm, and then the packaging label is carried out.

  ABS recycled materials are not affected by water, inorganic salts, alkali and various acids, but soluble in ketones, aldehydes and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It will cause stress cracking when corroded by glacial acetic acid and vegetable oil. ABS has poor weather resistance and is easy to degrade under the effect of ultraviolet light; after half a year in the field, the impact strength decreases by half.

  ABS recycled material is characterized by high rigidity of molecular chain, high viscosity of resin melt, low water absorption, small shortening rate, high scale precision, good scale stability, and low film permeability. It belongs to self extinguishing data; it is stable to light, but not resistant to ultraviolet light, and has good weather resistance; it is resistant to oil, acid, strong alkali, oxidizing acid and amines and ketones. It is soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents and easy to be immersed in water for a long time The defects are due to poor fatigue strength, simple stress cracking, poor solvent resistance and poor wear resistance. ABS recycled materials have mechanical function, scale stability, electrical function and flame retardancy in a wide temperature range.